At Lanc?me we believe
in the power of care
and happiness

And while it might mean different things to different people, we all know how it feels.
So we will help by caring for what really matters to them.
Because care is in our very DNA.
We will care for the environment, by protecting biodiversity for generations to come. We will care for our customers, by encouraging responsible consumption choices.
And we will care for all women, by helping them write their own happier futures.
At Lanc?me, we believe the power of care can truly change the world and build a happier, more sustainable future for all.
So come and join the movement.

Fran?oise Lehmann Lanc?me Global Brand President

“Today and more than ever, the world needs care. Since its creation over 85 years ago, Lanc?me has championed care and transmission as part of its core values. As one of the leading luxury beauty brands, we have a responsibility to help tackle the crucial planetary and societal challenges to further build a happier and more sustainable future for all. At Lanc?me we are accelerating our global transformation by tackling today’s most pressing issues by protecting biodiversity, by supporting vulnerable women around the world, and by empowering our customers to make more sustainable consumption choices and become actors of change.”


By protecting biodiversity.
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This is how we care

By encouraging responsible consumption.
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By promoting
mentoring and entrepreneurship.
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